LingZhi (Reishi) Health Benefits

This amazing plant, referred to in China as the "Plant of Immortality," is renowned for its healing properties. It boosts immune function, reverses signs of aging, reduces inflammation, treats cancer and heart disease, balances hormones, and improves sleep and mood. It an effective treatment for a host of disorders, including anxiety and depression. Learn more about this amazing gift from nature, a safe, healthy and effective alternative to pharmaceuticals.

Lingzhi Video on health benefits

Here is a video on the benefits of Lingzhi, also known as Ganoderma Lucidum or Reishi Mushroom

More on our LingZhi Product

 The raw material of LingZhi is from the largest Biotechnology producer of 100% Organic, American grown medicinal mushrooms in the world. U.S. FDA Registration. It is produced under FDA certified Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) regulations; licensed as a food manufacturing plant, fully certified 100% Organic under USDA and EU regulations. The product is grown using only Certified Organic, with no GMO, fillers, preservatives or additives, and ensures that no pesticides, herbicides or other contaminants are present in the product. No air pollution, farm and water contamination. Currently over 700 companies in 56 countries use our raw materials in their branded products.

 The most popular LingZhi is the species known as Ganoderma Lucidumin Latin – and it is alsothebest known and most well studied of  all the medicinal mushrooms. It has been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for at least 5000 years.  It is well known in China as "The Mushroom of Immortality". LingZhi is the most potent immune system booster that increases the body’s resistance to stress and helps it overcome all health challenges.   It is a Full Spectrum Mycoproduct  (Mycelium, Primordia, Fruitbodies, Spores and Extracellular Compounds)  with all the naturally occurring anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and all other valuable health giving properties that it has been knownforthroughout its long history. 

Thanks to the modern advances in 21st Century American biotechnology,  it is now possible to grow LingZhi under controlled laboratory conditions -  that is dozens of times more potentthan any LingZhi grown in the wild, and even far more potent than the best LingZhi farm cultivatedon logs.While most of the world’s LingZhi supply comes from wild crafted fruitbodies, our pure LingZhi is pure pharmaceutical grade, grown in America under strict conditions. The products are the same grade as used by most of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies and research universities today.

The power of Ling Zhi