From BJ Hopper, Educational Consultant:

“As an educational consultant who has worked collaboratively with therapeutic schools and families in crisis for over twenty-five years, I am keenly aware of the stress and strain of parenting under chaos. In the midst of the storm, parental self-care is seen as the least of the pressing concerns, and is, unfortunately, neglected. Parents want to make sure their child is safe and getting the help needed. But once the child is placed, and even before, I believe it is imperative that parents take the time to heal and care for themselves! These are physically and emotionally exhausting experiences for families. So, I am so thrilled to introduce and recommend Dr. Leslie Cary (Family Therapist) and Pam Lasier (Wellness Coach), two moms who have been through in the trenches with their own teenage boys and who understand the importance of self-care for parents. They are committed to creating a community of support, healing and growth that honors parents.  I strongly recommend you take a moment to explore their offerings and take time to Get Your Fire Back!”


Retreats and Journeys


"Exceeded my expectations"

"1st class experience!  Great program.  Really glad we connected and enjoyed the extreme love of life that you emit. Great relaxation and introspection; nice to slow the pace of things. Thank you for helping us grow in adventure and wellness!

"Felt welcome and supported"

"This was a wonderful, enlightening experience.  It was varied and chock full of information that I can easily assimilate into my everyday life." 

"Great way to establish connections"

"Great program! Loved your enthusiasm and positive spirit! I'm really going to try hard to see the possibilities in everything I do."

"Helped energize and refocus"

"Hope is so important and you did a great job helping us see how to hold onto it even in difficult times.  Thank you so much for a  wonderful program."

"Sincere and thought provoking"

"I really enjoyed being surrounded by such great and encouraging company.  I truly believe in what you're doing. I think it's fantastic!! I definitely left with a sense of peace, calmness, and a renewed outlook; especially on slowing down a bit to really soak in all of life's experiences."

"Ahh...pure's as simple as that.  Thanks!"

What an afternoon we had!"  It’s your careful attention to detail that makes your events always so special. You consistently "go the extra mile.  We'll be talking about this one for a long time to come!"

Counseling and Coaching With Dr. Leslie and Pam

"Pam's kind energy and thoughtful attention allow me to feel both heard and seen on a deep level.  Her patience and insightful guidance have allowed me to gain the perspective I need to work toward a more abundant life.  I am so thankful for her!" 

"Pam appropriately pushes me and I’ve accomplished more than I ever thought possible both physically and mentally.  I’m a fan and would recommend Pam to anyone who is trying to improve their mental and physical well-being."

"My experience with Pam far exceeded my expectations. Pam and I spent time talking through professional and personal challenges I’ve been facing and her objective but frank feedback helped open my eyes to see things from someones else’s perspective.  She provided guidance on solutions to explore, mental exercises to perform, and encouraged me to advocate for what I want.  Without her support, I wouldn’t have the courage to take control of MY priorities and setting firm boundaries around them."

“I was in the middle of trying to adapt to a big transition - a life I wasn’t excited about.  Pam helped me focus on identifying what I want to create in this new life ad how to get it.  I was encouraged after every coaching session!  It’s incredibly helpful to have someone like Pam in your corner!"

"My daughter was out of control. I was out of control.  Pam's calming and direct approach helped immensely.  She offered a perspective that others weren't able to give.  I feel hopeful for the first time."




Make Change Happen

"Thank you for the training seminar you presented. You have a unique ability to present material in an interesting and yet informative manner.  I truly enjoyed your presentation and found the material to be extremely useful."

"I can't wait to put everything into practice that was presented today.  Great ideas!  Thanks!"

Stress Relief

"Thank you for a very informative program. Great ideas to put into place to help with stress!"

"It was truly a unique experience. So informative, relaxing and motivating!  Sign me up for the next one!"